If this

26-02-11forteIs another coincidence i dont want believe it and it’s in this real world and everything match,  also that visualization. Everything it does match and all this makes me drives crazy.
And every what i feel expand itself around me and «everything includes» only you.
Perhaps you have, for real, read my letter… and in someways…
My head is about to explode. I can feel you are whispering my name, and our parallel world open itself in front of us.
I’m driving crazy… if i think about it, you know what i mean… the white room…
Is it possibile that everything perfectly match, and everything we are living, despite our distance, is real, despite, we dont know us eachother…. or we does know eachother so well that… .Trought our feelings, emotions our minds are, for real, connected. Because it’s from long time this i’m feel so, and what im feeling it’s such beautiful. To be connected with you.
It’s magic.



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