“After a” – ○214○


Suspended moment after this magical awakening, we have looked around us, asking ourselves if we had destroyed the Nothing, but above all we asking ourselves if we, for real were ok.

Our emotions, were a little in confusion.
Yes, we had faced up to our fears, but did we have had defeated them? This still we were asking us.
Now we didn’t care of it: the most important thing, was that we were feel good.
But also if we had got hurt us, we were healing each other. Our hands touching, were healing every wounds we had done us in the fight. That’s one of the reason we didn’t wanted remove our hands off us: I was healing your wounds, and you was healing mine.

We were feeling this flow ran in our veins, and only now, we have understood it’s real meaning.
It was a moment of more fusion of our souls, and we were understanding in those instants, how much powerful our flow was.

While, we were comprehending all this, the Morgur were still in front of us, staring us.
Now, our only desire was to return in our apartment to rest, and from what which we had know, we had to crossed, again Our Parallel World.

We got up ourselves, and were slowly returning to the walkway in front of the entrance of our world.
We were much tired, for comprehend the Morgur, but we would have to make more attention to what they tried to say us.
They wanted try to say us that they had transferred all our apartment in a peaceful place of our world.
They had done all this when we were fighting against The Nothing.

We were crossing the Morgur village borderline, but we were stopped by the Little One, the more brave of the little group, and he directed us toward a solitary path, given us a kind of key. We have understood to must walk till the end of this path and we would have find something special.

What we have found, was our apartment in the middle of a big green space with trees around. We remained breathless.
We entered. They have didn’t touched anything.

We were in our apartment and we were in our parallel world. We were speechless, and in equal measure, we didn’t have any force to do anything else.

Looking at us around, we went upstairs and without any efforts, we were fallen asleep.”



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