“We were

luke-10_contrariochiariStill in the air in the middle of this magical twirl.
We were arounded by a soft cloud and we had crossed our fingers, one in another. Our faces softly touching themselves. Our hands were along our hips. It was like, as if we relived the magical dance we have done in our appartament, but this time we were in our parallel world and we had fighted against the nothing and we didnt know if we were awake up or if we still dreaming. Everything this seemed so real. Our emotions were expand at the maximum and also if we were dreaming, we were feeling something more big than us.
We were still flying in the air inside of that kind of soft cloud, and that thin cloud was like a little swirl, that, from our feets, went up to the sky, and it made us fly in the sky of Our Parallel World, while we didnt take us our glances off one from another, with our fingers crossed, one in another.
The air were becoming again how it was usually. On the contrary it was more crystalline, and more we had breathe, our menthal connection, was stronger.
What we were leaving behind us, was a backyard, that slowly, was disappearing with all our big fears that were going in flames.
We didnt wanted left us the hands. In that touch, we were feeling something that bonded us always more, but something were dividing us.
Just at the end we had realized the we were still in that dream, and that the Morgur were looking for to wake ourselves up.
Slowly we had opened the eyes and we had realized that we had, for real, we had have holded us tight our hands with the fingers crossed.
The little eyes of the Morgurs were set on us. In someways, they were checking that we were good. They jumped around us.
We had caressed them to assure them that we were ok.
While they showing their happiness, for a  long minute, we looked at us, one in another and we had  shared a shy smile.
We had still our hands one in another. The fingers were still crossed one in another, and that sensation still floated around us. In us.”


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