“The big one

vanguard_catturamoltplicaiOf the Morgur said us that we had to face up to our big fears to destroy the big black hole that the Nothing was building around Our Parallel World, and just we fallen in a a deep sleep, we would have could destroy everything this.
We were looking at us one another. We were almost terrified. We have whispered to the 
Morgur ‘We try’.
We holded tight our hands one in another.
We settled ourselves under that tree and sweetly you have embraced me and me i have wrap tight your hips.
Slowly we have close again our eyes, we have took a deep breathe and everything was arounded us became slowly muffled. Also the air, usually so light, was became a little heavy.
The Morgur was doing those little things that unconciously which we would have need.
Slowly we were entering in this deep sleep.
We were entering in this black hole that it was in continuos movement.
The only thing that the Morgurs didnt have said us was that we would had face up to our big fears in one kind of nightmare and together.
The «fight» has begin.
We were in a desolate countryhouse with a big stairs inside. We have felt cold air around. Our glances were set on that stairs. Something or someone was going downstairs.
I have screamed. It was a little naked monster. He stopped himself and he looking at me with his green eyes and pointed ears. He looked as an elf, but i was sure he wasnt an elf.
I whispered you ‘Please let’s out’. The eyes of this little half elf and half monster, were still on me and they was leaving me without the air. I couldnt breathe.
Out of this countryhouse the sky was grey and it was coming a car with inside a woman and you have recognise her immediately. From your mouth came out only a name ‘…Zora…’
Your glance toward Zora, was full of  rage, hate.  Then Zora looked at me and she started to run toward me. Without thinking about it, you have screamed me to run, and i have ran as faster as i could. But where i was going something waited for me. But i didnt noticed it. It took me from behind. I only, could feel the hold that it had, was cold, but suddenly i’ve recognise him. It was an iron vampire that was trying to suck my blood, but fortunately he wasnt able to.
We had to came out from this backyard full of enemies. But we didnt know how to.
We had look up to the sky. Beyond the gate the sky was almost blue.
There were some clouds, but the sky was blue.
We have noticed that in the sky, over the gate, there were some winged animals.
They seemed await us.
We looked at us one another. We were still chased by almost the creatures we have met in the backyard.
I looked one of the winged animal and i have took the flight, you did the same. But we did wrong. Also the winged animals wanted push us inside of the nothing.
But fortunately we have immediately, understood and we jumped off.
We were fallen down always more fast, but we were able to take us our hands and there, has happened something we didnt expected. With our soft touch of hands, as in a twirl, like that in our appartment, we were been able to chase away the greyness that had arounded our world.
Our touch was soft but poweful.”


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“We were ⇒

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