Our connection

easy30forteSlowly starts. My head is begining to receive your vibes, and im sure you are receiving mine. How i love our little vibes, that despite our real distance, they makes us feel close.
I feel, you whisper my name, and my head is about to explode. My heart is beating always more fast, in some ways i know that you have read my little letter. Almost never i wrong. My vise in stomach is growing minute after minute.
How i would like to have you here close to me, also for a minute. Only the time to dive myself in your glance and see our parallel world in your eyes and have the confirmation that everything this is real. Our emotions, our sensations and above all our feelings and i say you in a thin whisper ‘How i love you’ and to see your shy smile get bigger and bigger, while your hand sweetly touches my face and i hear in a thread of voice, which are your feeling for me and i find out, that are the same.
In same time we sighing, closing our eyes and in that exact moment we realizing that we are in our parallel world, only us and our poetry of emotions.
‘How much i love you and how many strenght you still given me, you have no idea’


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