“For a second” – ○211○


We had closed again our eyes, aware of this new flow that was runing in us.
We were feel us tired.
I was lying on your chest and you was caressing my hair, but in a short time.we fallen asleep.
We have slept for hours that day.
After much that the sun was risen, with much calm, we were awoke up and we were looked at us, with a strange sensation inside. Perhaps, we had to assimilate still those new flow, or was it a new condition in which we had to get using to? This was the question that we were making us.

It was like, as if we had to face up something: something that would have put in danger our Our Parallel World. We knew, it was just a sensation. But now this sensation was multiplied, there weren’t only my sensations, there were also yours.
We could felt something around Our Parallel World it was broken, and slowly, The Nothing was wrapping our world, and it was sucking everything.

We were looking one another: our hearts were beating hard, and with no effort, we had open a gap to enter in.
The entrance was always the same, but now the little Markùts didn’t waited for us at the end of the walkway: they were, already, at the entrance and they have pulled us inside in.

As we have imagined, the Markùts had told us that The Nothing had found a way to enter, and slowly it was destroying everything.
The Markùts, also told us that The Nothing had started to destroy the part that the Morgur didn’t have had the time to fortified it.
But the Markùts, something good, told us: our transformation was definitely completed. for to be sure, we asked to the Markùts, if it was the great flow we were feeling inside. With their strange but sweet voices, they nodded.
We sighed.

We held our hands, and with some hurry, we arrived to the borderline of the Morgur village, where the Little One waited for us, and he told us to settle under the tree, where we slept, the last time, and to close our eyes.

It was in this way we had could try to defeat the Nothing.”


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