“We were” – ○210○


Asleep embraced in the arms of the other, while we were feeling the new magic flow get calm itself always more, but at the same time it was enlarging inside us. It was like as something bigger than us take possession of our souls.

While we were sleeping our connection was become stronger, and also if we were sleeping, we had could sharing some thoughts.
You have said me: “That’s incredible, how it is making us feel”.
I have tightened your hand in reply, and I have smiled you with the eyes closed. I knew you staring at me, and …:”How you are beautiful” has been the confirmation.

Slowly I have opened the eyes, and you was smiling at me. The new magical flow was completing its path. It was running inside us.
We were lying on the bed, one in front of the other: we had felt the need to touch hands.
Sweetly and slowly, we had understood that we had crossed also that path.
At unison, we have whispered: “It’s done!”

We were comprehending we were became, for real, one only thing, and our feelings growing always more.
In those instants our hearts were about to explode, and in that explosion of emotions, sensations, we were welcoming definitely the new magical flow.
Or was the new magical flow that did welcoming us?”



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