My sweetest

theend11+forte.JPGI can feel your closeness more strong. I dont know how it’s possibile everything this. But it’s so. You are smiling at me, and i smiling at you. You’re stretching your hand toward me and i feel it. If i close my eyes i can feel you are close to me. Slowly you are embracing me, sweetly
Im recovering…, also if you are far from me i can feel slowly, you’re whisper my name and your voice is taking me far from this bed, and you, sweetly, get me in our parallel world, where everything this disappear and what it counts are our feelings. I closing my eyes and sweetly i feel your arms wrap me. That’s i really need. Of your embraces, of your perfume, and of your sweet whispers. And above all of your smile, your shy smile.
I really need of you. Only of you.


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