If i think

instalukeframe03About it i can only feel my heart that is about to explode…. Not, it’s just exploded  a little millions times in these hours.
Between the promo pictures of this show, you have  posted  this one. My head exploded and my vise in my stomach got bigger and bigger always more.
Perhaps, i say perhaps you have read what i sent you and everything match.
It’s ok one concidence, it’s ok two coincidences, it’s ok three coincidences, but this is much.
This is what i dream from my recovery from the hospital, and this is what feel when i feel your closeness in these days….
Maybe what i’ve created,  from that dream i’ve done, it’s the real confirmation that Our Parallel World exist, and what we are feeling, despite our real distance, it’s real.
In some strange ways, we are connected one another, and everything this is real.
I dont want create myself false illusions, but what has happened in these lastest hours, has of the incredible, and i cant believe it, who im living it in person.
I repeat, perhaps it’s another coincidences, but by now there are much coincidences that bond us one another, and what i want to do now is only living this dream.


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