“After a long

2410moltipica-1Glance, slowly you got up, and without say nothing you have took me in your arms and sweetly we went upstairs, where there was the only other room of our appartament, and there you have laying me, as if you have lying a delicate flower on the bed.
What which we could hear was our hearts that were beating at unison and our beat resounded as an echo in all the appartment.
In someways, we were a little tired. We have had said it, only whispering. We only could imagine, was the new flow, the new power that was entered in our bodies
For laugh a little i have said ‘I didnt ever imagine that be magic was hard’.
We were lay face to face. You have shyly smiled me and in another whisper, you have said ‘I would do again everything from the begin for see your beautiful eyes, you was been able to do everything this. Without you, i would be still in search of something that i would never found. And now, look where we are now.’  You was looking me deeply and you was caressing my face, and i did the same. We were at the mercy of those new flow that ran fast in our veins. We had to look for to get calm it.
The only thing that seemed worked, was look at us eachother, eyes in eyes.
It seemed that the new flow was mixing with other old one and it seemed that slowly we were taking more conciousness of it, and more we have taking concious of it, more the new magical flow got used to us, but above all, to all our emotions that ran in our bodies, in our minds since when we met us in «my bar».
And those, were the only feelings, sensations, emotions that werent never changed. On the contrary, they were growing up fast and they change, always in something more big and always more beautiful.
Slowly we had close our eyes and gently the new magical flow got used to us. Occasionally our hearts had have little jolts, but it was only a moment and when we holded ourselves our hands, everything returned how it was earlier.”


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