“In this” – ○208○


Spiral, we had felt, something that bonded us always more.
We held our hands, our fingers crossed one in another tight, as if from those hold, depended everything: in that thin dust there was all our new force, all our new magic, all our power.

Slowly, we had realizing that everything was fading, and all that magic was, sweetly, entering in us.
All this while we were still dancing, hands in hands along our hips.

We wanted that this moment had no end, but slowly everything was returning to the normality. The thin dust was disappearing. The twirl where we were into got slower and slower, all in a sudden, all this has vanished.

Everything around us, returned as it was, but we seemed still enchanted by that atmosphere.
We stared at us, and we have continued our slow dance, as if the music there was, yet.

It seemed that we hadn’t realized what was happened: the thin dust, the twirl, and the flow.
We loving us, while dance, and everything around us was a beautiful environment.

For us, was important that dance we had done, with or without music.
We had know that we had strengthening our magic, but now it wasn’t important.
The important were us.

Without say us nothing, we had said us everything trough our glances, our sweet touches and some your whispers.
We had need of these little moments, together alone.
And together alone we had created something more magical.

Sweetly, and slowly then you have accompanied me to the sofa, where then you settled yourself and there you have embraced me tight, whispering my name.”


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