“We still” – ○207○


Were dancing, as if that dance hadn’t want stop us.
We could felt something was growing in us, but we had no idea what was.
More we danced, more we felt us good.
Our glances were straight one in another, and we were in the middle of this twirl.

We have not realize that thin dust was surrounding us, and more we were dancing, that little dust, slowly, getting us up from the floor: we were dancing, flying, but we didn’t have realizing that, till two great flow has merged each other.
Everything this, while we were still dancing, without say any words. There was no need. We could see what we were feeling trought our glances.

It was like our magic flows was creating a new flow one bigger.

We had realizing this just in only seconds.
Our heart were beating hard, and more we had realized that, more our dance was become always faster: but it was that twirl in which we were into, made the dance faster.
We had dancing always slowly.

Our rhythm, was those of our hearts, of what we were feeling.
Slow movements as our emotions that in slow gestures wrapped us, inside a fast twirl.

While around us the new magic was itself completing.
Everything was changing, above all, inside us.

We had crossed this new passage in the most sweet way we could did.





“In this” – ○208○ ⇒

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