“After we remained

vangurd26forte-1On the sofa, you got up and you have stretched me your hand and you have only whisper ‘Dance with me’. I’ve took your hand and we have started to dance in our appartment. We have danced slowly. We didnt talking, but we had know our thoughts. They were above all about the Nothing and everything was what symbolize. But more we danced more, the nothing became always more an insignificant thing, or was what we wanted believe.
We danced sweetly, between  the sofa and the space close to the old desk of your grandpa.
There was no music, but it was as if  it was on. It was in our heads and it was the same melody.
Our appartment was illuminated by a blue sky. The sky of Our Parallel World and the light that was entering was muffled, and our sensantions were one the most sweet we had felt from our adventure has began. You guided me across the appartment.
Your hands were so sweet but strong on my hips and you hadnt take your eyes off from me.
You didnt have say a word. But what which i could see trought your glance it opening me your heart.
I could felt everything you felt in these istants.
It wasnt a simply sweet dance between people who were love eachother. It was something more, and now the room was only the stage of our dance.
Our eyes were stare in one in another. Our hearts were about to explode.
We werent still given ourselves a kiss. We were only looking at us one another, still without say a word. We hadnt make love, but it was  like we were making it. Our flows were slowly melting, and around us a thin dust was getting up.
We were looking at us deeply. We have sweetly danced across the appartment, and it seemed that we didnt wanted to stop.
It seemed that dance contained  part of our lives and magic together.
We were looked at us one another for the last time. Then we given ourselves that suspended kiss.
We had felt our hearts exploding at the same time and something, like a new awareness was being born in us.”


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