“For a

last75forteMoment we had thought to everything this. The Nothing was just this, only bad experiences of our lives mixed up together, but it was just a moment. A kind of laugh had distracted us and it made us return in Our Parallel World.
The laugh was of the little one Morgur.  He was more playful than others. We have understood that he was the younger of the group.  His way to laugh reflected his young age.
We had decided to return in our appartment, also if we could stay there without problems, but we had much things to absorb. We remained in our world for the tiredness, but above all, we wanted stay a little bit «together, alone».
But for what which we had understood, we had to go across the Nothing from where we had crossed the last time. From the rusty gate.
It was what the Morgurs said us, in chorus.
We were looked at us one another and we had took our hands and we had say ‘Goodbye’ to the Morgurs, once again caressing them. Another our magical residual aura was transfered in their bodies and their fur shone more.
We had left them, loaded of this last magical residual aura and they ran for work.
Slowly, we had crossed the Morgur village, and to the village borderline, we have met the Markùts. The knew, already, that we wanted return in our appartment, and without asking nothing, they had confirmed what the Morgurs have had said us.
We had to cross the Nothing from where we had crossed it the last time to enter.
They explained us, also, that we werent still able to open two doors in the same time, but with the experience and the magic, we would be able to do it.
Without realizing, we were, already there.
Without any kind of ceremonials, the Markùts had left us.
We had to face to the Nothing alone again.
You was looking at me, without saying nothing, but i could hear your continuos thought that ran in your head. In a whisper i have replied you ‘You will be able …. you will be able…’.
Together we had took a long deep breathe. Our hands were well hold tight, and those seconds in the middle of the Nothing were passed in an istant and right after we were in our appartment, almost stunned for what which we had passed.
We were looked at us one another, and as real knight, you have accompanied your princess to settle herself in the sofa.
You have embraced me sweetly.
We remained for a long hour so. Without saying nothing,  just hearing our breathe.”



“After we remained ⇒

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