“Now” – ○204○


Without fear the other two little animals were approached to us, but they have took a look to me first, for have the certainty to do the better thing, to complete the transformation.

You was looking at me just like them.
You was more surprised than me for what I was been able to do. I was smiled you, as if was, for me, a normal thing, but it was.
“You did it many time: to caress: you must just caress them and the magic is done.”

It seemed our caresses could transfer our residual magical aura in them, and our direct touch was the change that these little Morgur have waited for from we have met us that night.
That night, in that bar, in our first glance was born something of magical, and now the Morgurs have had the possibility to change in
permanent way: they were as the caterpillar that has became a beautiful butterfly.

Slowly, we got up ourselves and together with the Morgurs, we were came to another borderline of Our Parallel World: it was the borderline where they were worked on.

As the Markùts, they had an own language, but we were able to understand everything they were said us.
The big one was explaining us that finally with this complete transformation, they could finish their works in a short time: earlier, they have needed of our residual magical aura for work, but they had no know, when we would be return, and their works was suspended till our next return.

While we walked with them, we have looked the work they had done. They were explaining us, the Nothing was the worst thing that they have had seen: it was made by the bad things, bad experiences and bad feelings we had have in our lives, past and present.

A mix of bad things was trying to sucked everything we were building, now that we were found ourselves again.”



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