“I gave you

last010008forte-1The binocular in hope, you could see this changing, but you wasnt able to see it.
These little animals were in front of us, as if they wanted some aknowledgment.
Sure, they had to have it, but each time i stretched my hand towards them, they shyly reciding from us. We saw, that they were so curiuos to see what would happened if they were been touched by us.
They knew, that something magical would be happened, but they were scare. We looked at us one another. We hadnt hurry to return in our appartment. We could stay there how long time we would have wanted.
Our Parallel World was a world in which everything was becoming true. All our emotions were the most beautiful we had felt and all around us was magical. It was everything we had wished till our first meeting.
We have spent several time staying in front to these little animals and they have done the same.
We had looking for to talk with them. For sure, they understood what we have say to them. We understood it from their glances.
Little by little, they approached to us. We talked to them, always more sweetly and at the end i was able to touch of one them and he didnt ran away.
We remained speechless. We were witness of a change. The change was what i’ve seen few minutes earlier. But this time was permanently. The brown fur was become rainbow, and the bristly fur was become soft as those of the Markùts
Now the other two little animals wanted the same treatment.
The first animal was the little one and now he could talk with us. These little animals, the little workers, were the Morgur.
After the change was completed, after their fur from brown was became rainbow, their shyness was disappeared.
And now we had other furry friends to better comprehend Our Parallel World.”


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