“We were still

2410forteUnder the tree embraced one in another, while these little animals were completing their work and one of these, gave us a kind of  binocular and he inviting us to watch throught.
He gave it to us rapidly, then he ran away. He seemed shyly scared to have touched us. He hided himself behind a bush, but behind it, he was watching us.
They wanted show us what did they have made.
You was been the first to watch throught the binocular, but it seemed you have didnt see anything particular. Then you have gave it to me. Your glance have said me everything.
I’ve watched toward what they worked on, but also me i’ve seen nothing. But something, it had to been happened. I wanted understand what, and i’ve close the eyes. I’ve took your hand and together, we had took a long deep breathe, and right after, it was been more clear.
Our Parallel World was born, just few seconds after we had shared our very first glance in the bar, those night. But was born, also, the Nothing, that thin line that would could suck everything in very few seconds and it would could have delete our past, present and even future lives in an istant.
The birth of the Nothing had arounded Our Parallel World. We had realized just in those moments, that the work of these little furry animals was very important, and our magical residual aura, was really important for these little workers. They were strenghtening the border of our world against the nothing. And each time we had visited our world, we had left some of our residual magical aura, and they had worked with it. But now, that we had spent a whole night in our world, they had get more of this magical residual aura, and they have had the possibilty to work with more calm and the border of Our Parallel World were more resistent against the Nothing.
I have had the possibilty to see the last, little furry animal that was going trought a kind of path. I was surprised to see that his fur from a rainbow fur was changing at the normal color, that was brown.
I wanted show this to Luke, but the little animal was been more fast.
He was, already, in front of us, earlier that i could have pass, the little binocular to Luke.”



“I gave you ⇒

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