Each time

10-02-20202I see that shack, or some part of it, my mind take a flight and it goes at that dream i’ve done much time earlier that i’ve realized that it was a real thing and that was for really at your house.
Each time i see it, i rembember that dream, and the sensations i have felt. And everything matches, and stunning me everytime i think about it.
I could drive crazy, but i really think im not crazy…. Im sure about one thing, we are strongly, connected.
Talking seriously, from i’ve done that dream in which you said me, what we know, everything turned in a strange way, and everything bonded us  always more. Strangely, but it was happened. Maybe you dont know it yet, perhaps me too. We are in a limbo, where our emotions are melting one another and we dont understand what is happening, but is happening right now, in this moment.
And each time i see that shack, everything take me at the primordial first moment we were connect ourselves.
I repeat you, i have realized that those shack was at your house much time after.


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