“We were still

insta14fscuriStaring at us one another, while the rays of Our Parallel World was illuminating always more the appartament and it was made us understand that your transformation was completed.
We were felt both strange. Our flows were melted one in another, and now our bond was more stronger than ever. We were able to see inside the soul of the other, hear what the other feeling. And it was a very strange sensation. We were two persons but with one only soul and one only heart but millons of feelings that were mixing one with another. We no longer understood anything, but we didnt care, cause this new condition made us feel more alive, and more we looked at us, more we felt us alive, and our unique flow ran fast in our bodies. And definitely our human lives, were died, or at least we were burying them. There were would been no more parents neither ex girlfriend who could knock the door of our minds.
Now we were just us. Only us, and our parallel world.
We were still wrapped by the rays and we didnt stopped to dance our slow dance. We didnt want to stop ourselves. We felt ourselves very light. We were dancing embraced one in another. And dancing, as witches, we were sweeping away every bad thing it happened in our lives.
What were seeing around us, was the little particles of dust that slowly were disappearing, it leaving the place to the new emotions we were feelings in that istants, while we were still dancing in the appartament, embraced one another sweetly. “


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