“I had

2410forteMy heart that beating like a crazy, while i was still in your arms.  We looked at us, one in another, for a little  moment, and what which happened right after was a most intense kiss.
It seemed we still dancing, but instead we were firm. You still holded my hips and i was dived in your eyes, eachtime happened a similar situation like to this.
Our emotions has exceeded each possible limit.
Our magic was melting one with another, always more. By now, we could felt each little change, and without realized when you have took me and we have started to dance together, our magic flows were unite always more, creating an unique flow. And was what which that we were feeling in those istants. Our magical union was itself completing in these moments.
We were feel attracted one to another, more emotionally than physically.
That dance made us elevate on another level of that dimension in which we were living.
Each little moves of the other, caused, new little emotions. Also a minimum facial expression, was a great explosion of new sensations.
We were staring eachother. We were still stand up but slowly we still danced..
The light of Our Parallel World was illuminating our appartament and with its magic rays, was wrapping us and it made us twirilng in the air.”


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“We were still ⇒

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