“We have closed” – ○192○


Our eyes just few minutes, but seemed we had slept for hours.
We have smiled each other, as we were doing, by now, each day when we were wake up together.

I was the first to notice that a magic stone was fallen on the floor, and you have collected it.
You have kept your hand closed with the magic stone inside, you have would discover what stone was with me.

Our breathe made short.
You sat down close me. You have stretched your hand, still closed, toward me, and, I’ve took it gently, and I opened it even more slowly.

At our touches other little electric shock: we were stare on your hand that slowly open itself and was about to discovering the magic stone with its magic meaning.

By now, when your hand, was almost open, we looked at us, and we have held back the breathe.
We wanted say something, and we have done it just looking at us.

By now your hand was open, the magic stone was in the middle of us, and we had to needed just to look down and see.
Slowly we looked at down, we were staring the magic stone.

Our hearts jumped in our throat: we knew the meaning and, unconsciously, we were looked at us around, and you have whispered: “Even them have decided it”.
I knew what you wanted say: I threw away the air from my lungs.
You got up, almost launching the stone gently on the little table, and you have stretched your hand toward me.
I’ve took it and without realize, I was dancing, among your arms, and while we spinning round, you have whispered me: “Look Our apartment! Here lives all our magic.”

And so, you have lifted me in the air, still dancing: then you have made slide my body against yours.
When we were found face to face, I have took face in my hands, and I kissed you sweetly.”



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