I know,

orbit4446forteYou know how i feel like in these moments. There is no need to say it.  Our minds get connecting eachother. Without say any word about that, you know it, already.
Now, the onle thing i really woud like is run in your arms and escape in our parallel world. Staying with you, being embraced by you and listen your sweet words.
If i close my eyes i can feel your hands on my hips holding me tight at you.
Let me feel your hands that embrace me and let me hear your voice.
Tell me about our parallel world, tell what do you see in it, what are your feelings.
Tell about your stories that you have write. Let me dream.
I want hear your deep voice that wraps me as your sweet embrace.
If i think of you, everything bad things goes away… they wants me chain me.
Set me free from them, with your embrace, with your voice, with your stories and we escape in our parallel world, there, where nobody can enter.
How much i need you.


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