It’s from

last0054scuriI woke up myself that i feel you close to me. You were already, in bed with me and you was holding me. When i felt your embrace, my heart stopped itself and my breathe was became short.
You have whispered my name, and i opened my eyes, while you was holding me from behind.
I felt your hands caressing my legs.  If each wake up were so…. i would know i would be in our parallel world. And this afternoon for a little moment i was there, with you, im sure. and im still there. My vise in stomach is making itself always more strong and my head is get connecting with you. Our heart are beating at unison.  Something is telling me that you had took a look on what i wrote till now.
Now fingers is typing on this keyboard, and are shaking.
Our connection is present in these moments. I must to take a deep breathe to dont drive crazy. I feeling, you’re close to me. My thoughts are running fast and they are reaching to you.
I feeling it and also you. We are asking ourselves the same question.
‘Is this possible?’.
From that dream i done is happening fast. Our minds are connected, and we can feel our heart beating like hammer and we arent able to stop.
We are so close, despite our real distance, and we dont realize, but it’s so.
We can stretch our hands and we can touch ourselves, there, in Our Parallel World.


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