“After those” – ○191○


Hilarious moments, we got back calm.
We still felt the alcohol rans in our veins, but right after really few seconds everything seemed disappeared, and every our senses seemed strengthening still more.
We looked at us, always more in love.

We were feeling something in the air.
Our heart were beating hard, while our heads were starting to turn.
You got up to bring the dishes in the kitchen, but you stopped yourself.
Not because the alcohol: the alcohol it had nothing to do with it: we had understood it.

Our heads were turning us round, because the little electric shock that we had few moments earlier, at the touch of our hands, and we were feeling that something was about to happen.

By now, we were, able to decipher each signal we were perceive.
But this time nothing has happened.

Slowly, you have brought the dishes in the kitchen, while I was on the sofa, looking at around. We were feeling something, but nothing it moved between the magic stones.

When you returned back, you settled close to me and you’ve let me put my head on your chest while you was caressing me.
I was listening to your heart, and it calmed me.
Our heads were still turning, but always more slowly.
I’ve putted my hand on your chest and I was touching it trough your t-shirt.

My breathe, your heartbeat, my hand on you.
All this made us get calm.

For a bit we have closed the eyes forgetting that sensation.
But we hadn’t wrong, around us was about to happen, for real, something.

Othila was coming out from the magic stones.”



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