“We were awakening” – ○189○


Ourselves from this muffled sensation, and that embrace was what we needed for drive away those little insecurities that we had about what which we were about to have face together.

You got up, and you have stretched your hand toward me, and with the most beautiful smile, you have asked me: “What do you want do, my princess”‘ I have smiled back to you, blushing a little: each time you called me “My princess” could felt my heart jumping in the throat: maybe because I never felt myself a princess, for everything I had face to in my life, but you considered myself, for real, a princess.

By now there were no borderline between you and me, neither mentally.
Every thought we could have, was a flow that ran also in the other: and this my latest fast thought, crossed your mind.
You was about to overcome the bedroom door, and you stopped yourself, and you have turned yourself, while I was still on the edge of the bed, when those thought has made its appearance on my mind.
You back to me, and you said me, placing yourself next to me: “From the day I’ve see you going downstairs with the red shirt, that I’ve bought for you, I’ve seen the beauty that I had glimpsed, already in that bar, and I have realized that in the hours after, when you were in my arms on the sofa: you would be become my princess, and from that instant it’s what you’re: my Princess”

I didn’t know what say: your words had stroke my heart, and my eyes got wet a little.
You got up and again you stretched your hand toward to me.
This time we went downstairs for real.

We stopped us in the kitchen and we looked at each other, and laughing aloud we screamed “Pizzaaaa!”



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