“For that” – ○190○


Afternoon we had decided to don’t think to everything was happening around us and above inside of us.

We wanted just to be two persons like anybody else, for as far as possible.
We settled ourselves, with the big pizza on the little table, in your little favourite corner, on the floor.
We had eat that pizza between laughs and jokes.
We were tell us funny stories, even earlier we met us.

For a little time, we had forget what we were became and we had thought that all this was a great long dream in which we were living, from the moment you have help me to get up.
But was been just a really short moment.

Between laughs jokes and some alcohol in body, we were touched us one another. Our hands has touched themselves, while we were laughing a lots, and for don’t fall on the ground, we held on each other.

In that seconds, a sparkle was been issued from our hands, like an electric shock.
That sparkle wasn’t spreaded in the room, but seemed our magical energy was communicating.
For that little instants all the alcohol seemed be disappeared, and we were remained without do nothing, looking for to understand what could be it happened, but slowly we have looked at us one another, and always slowly we smiled us each other, and softly, we had thought again to the joke you had as soon tell, we have started again, to laugh aloud.

We were a little drunk…

At end of this great laugh, you have looked at me, and seriously you have whispered: “I love you much.
I blushed.”


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