“We remain

orbit11forteSo’ you have whispered. We were still touching us sweetly  our faces, but we had wanted to shake from this veiled atmosphere. You was looking at me and i have understood that you was became completly magic. I have understood it, trough your eyes and your glance. It had something more.
I was staring at you as a foolish girl who was looking  his very first love, and her heart beated like a hammer.
You was observing all my facial expressions, understanding what which was just happened.
I settled myself on the board of the bed
I was dived in all my thoughts, reflections and i was going beyond, but a sweet sound awaked me. Was your deep and calm voice. I didnt have realized that you settled close to me and you was speaking.
I have lost the first part of which you was saying, but when our glances were met eachother, you, was saying ‘You have gave me part of your magic. I entered in this world that i didnt believed could be exist. Each day i have had pass with you, was been magic. And now i became magic me too and i must thank you…i will take it care. I promise you’.
I was looking at you breathless. Millions of words were inside of my head, but none of them wanted came out.
My heart was jackhammer.
Your words resounded in the bedroom, as in the appartement.
You kneeled yourself in front, to better see me. I could dive myself in your eyes and, for a moment you holded back the breathe. We were looked at us one another, and you have thrown out, the air when i have take you face in my hands.
‘I love you much’ you have whispered. We have looked at us one another, and we were found ourselves, embraced tight.”



“We were awakening ⇒

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