I believe

orbittoscanaforteTo dont be the only who are feeling this emotions. Your closeness is so strong and i feeling you’re whispering my name  from earlier and this made me felt scrambled.
Your closeness is more strong. I can feel your presence here, in my bedroom even if you’re far, how is it possible?
Im sure you feeling the same, right now in these moments.
My breath is short and i must close my eyes. My heart is making itself always more little and it cant hold back every sensations im feeling.
I need of our parallel world. Take my hand and we enter, let me take a deep breathe. I need of this oxygen. I need of our embrace. Your embrace. Tell me where are you. Im feeling you, my heart is about to explode.
My sensations are strong and also our connection it is. We can hear it, if we close our eyes. I whisper you ‘Look at me just for a second’ i need just of this second to let you know how much i feel you by my side, close to me and, you, have need just this seconds to keep my hand and bring it to your heart, whispering my name.


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