“While”- ○187○


We were making love, we whispered us one to another what we were feeling, and our kisses were sweet.
We were reaching the maximum of the pleasure, when you have looked at me deeply, and you have said me the most beautiful phrase I ever heard…
“You don’t know, how much I love you”

While we were feeling the contractions inside of us, we were looking at straight in the eyes, and my moaning were wrapping us warmly, and slowly I’ve embraced you tight: it seemed that orgasm was united us more than we weren’t earlier.
It was like we were wrapped by a white veil made of a very light silk.

You didn’t take your eyes off me, and I was seeing in them all your magic that you was able to issue.
I wanted to dive myself in you, to see what you was seeing in these instants.

We were two magic souls that were uniting one another, and what we were feeling was our magic that was strengthening itself.
We could, see it trough our eyes, and we could feel it ran inside us.

In someway I was taking a little from you and you was taking a little more from me.
We could feeling that we were connecting one another always more, also mentally.

We were observing everything this, laying on the bed, in front one another, just caressing us sweetly, without saying nothing.
Around us there were much sensations that were merging themselves with new ones, and speak was an useless thing.

Sometimes, we have smiled, sometimes we weren’t able to hold back little tears.
Those emotions were such big and such different that we weren’t able to manage them all in one time.
But, we were together, and it was the most important thing.”



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