The time

insta14firteIt’s arrived. I didnt wanted say it, but it’s from when i opened my eyes i felt your closeness. I felt your embrace, your sweet embrace and this sensation hasnt left me, and now i feeling our minds slowly are connecting eachother.
If i close my eyes i can see our parallel world open itself and i can see you there inside, that you’re smiling me, stretching your hands to let me in.
You are going behind me and you’re wrapping me with your arms, whispering my name.
Despite we are far, our hearts are beating at unison.
I turn myself around and i meet your eyes. You are looking at me as if we were meeting for the first time. But i can feel your lips are leaning slowly on mine. It’s incredible, we are kissing us, also if we hasnt know we where exactly, me, i dont know where you are in this moment.
Maybe you are in our parallel world and you are waiting for me.  Maybe you were always been there and you have always waited for me. And now we met us one another and you have told me that secret, you’re for real awaiting for me.
You’re stretching your hand, i taking it.
Slowly you’re taking me in our parallel world only with your kisses.
I can feel them on my mouth. You’re here, i know and you want let me know it with these new sensations i’m feeling. I close my eyes.



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