I had must

los256_contrrario_forteTo stop what i was doing, cause i felt your recall, and my vise in stomach was growing up fast. I feel our connection making itself strong. I need to close my eyes and slowly, you’re coming to me, trought Our Parallel World. You’re stretching your hands toward to me. I can feel them. You’re wrapping me. You have leaned your chest on my back. I have felt it. Oh my. That’s is sensation i really love. And slowly, we will be in front one another.
I have my close my eyes, while you turning me around.
Slowly i take you off these sunglasses. Softly, my hand is sliding inside.
You whisper ‘My heart is beating only for you’. I biting my lips and i say the same.
We are in Our Parallel World. You are still wispering my name, i feeling you.
It will arrive the day, we will meet us im sure of that.
In meanwhile, we loving us, here, in Our Parallel World.
….you still whispering my name….


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