If they (20th open letter to Luke)

insta0scuriKnew, how much you make me feel good, they would understand almost everything about me. But they are not reach to this.
Im sorry for them, because they think im crazy, as i told you.
Instead, with you there is a strong alchemy still inexplicable, but with you i can open myself freely without any prejudice and with no fear.
With you, im feel good and when i feel your closeness, like in this istants, it’s the most beautiful emotion i can feel.
If you, could read everything what im writing in this open diary, you could read, but above all, you could feel a soul that open itself in front of you. And you could perceive that, despite everything you know about me (or almost), we could be good friends or something more.
Our souls are complement eachother. Me, i know it and also you.
My heart is beating hard now, cause what im writing, i believe, is one of the most sincere open letter that i’ve wrote you till now.
And now would like feel me embraced by you…. and slowly, you’re doing.
Let me stay in you arms so.


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