“We woke up” – ○180○


Hours later, embraced.
We didn’t wanted got up.
We were feeling good, like this: We looked at us, and you have said with your deep voice: “There is no hurry”, and you have smiled me.

We were remained embraced, still a bit.
We were on the sofa, with all sheets of the paper with my written, scattered on the floor.
We were still feeling the flow runs on our veins.

Unconsciously I’ve slide my hand inside of your shirt, and you kept it on your chest: I could felt your heart beating hard, while you was looking at me.
We both, could felt the flow runs and pass from my body at your, and vice versa.
We had know, that touch was necessary.
The change was itself completing, and now, was your turn.
My hand on your chest was transferring something of magical inside of you.

I had closed my eyes for a second, and in that exact instant I’ve felt that part of my magic was enter in you.
We had throwing away the air from our lungs and in those exact moment, we have shared a gaze.
You tightened my hand.

You was about to say something, but i putted my finger on your lips.
I’ve shyly smiled at you, I whispered: “Don’t say nothing.”

You was, concentrated on me, and you have didn’t realized, that you was became magic too.”



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