screenshot_20200122-023821-02-1It happens i remain breathless and you know it. Here you are, around me and you are smiling happy that you have made me happy, also with  very little.
You are looking at me with your glance and im blush each time.
This night when i had the notifications i didnt wanted believe it, instead was real.
And now our parallel world is here.
Im smiling from this night.
How make me feel happy with little… you know it.
Perhaps you will looking at me, shaking your head, thinking ‘she’s a little bit crazy’….
Maybe i’ll be a little crazy, but if all, were crazy, like this one,  i welcome it.
I can feel our parallel world is here. Slowly opens itself, and we can stretch our hands and we can touch ourselves.
Everything with you is arounded by a thread of magic.
Noboby else make feel like  you make me feel, you.
Despite our distance we are close one another in a such way that i still cant believe it.



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