I rembember

owen141_forteAs if was yesterday how it’s began our strange connection, and slowly was growed up, always more, each day. And now we are at this point.
It’s began with little signals, then that dream and what you have told me. I didnt wanted believe it, but i did some research, and everything was real.
Now it’s passed an year and i feel your closeness more stronger than before.
Sometime i sigh, because i still dont believe it’s happening for real.
Slowly we have etablished a contact, despite our real distance. If i talk about that to someone, for sure, they can think i’m crazy, but im not crazy. I feel there is something.
I open myself freely just with you, trought this diary, if ever you will read it you would know im telling my very deep feeling i have for you.
And if i rembember how it has began all this i can shake my head, and everything is still continue.
I must take a deep breathe to calm my heart that is beating like a crazy.


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