“While you have

boogaloo_forte0041Lay me on the meadow you didnt take me off your eyes on me. Seemed you knew in which dimension we would been dived. You have putted yourself above me.
For magic our clothes, one by one, was fade away. And our love was becoming an experience never felt before.
You was entered in me so sweetly but your moves were firm and determineted. Slowly my hands putted on your lower back. You was kissing me with all your sweetness but at the same time i could felt all your passion. Our tongues have met uninterruptedly during we have made love, and your lower back game, made me moaning of pleasure.
You have kissed me sweetly. Your hair covered my face. I moved them, caressing your face. Our glance met themselves, but your lips wanted still kiss me and i’ve whispered your name.
I wanted this moment had no end. Seemed we were in heaven, but instead we were in a place better than paradise. We were in our parallel world.
You have approached your face to me and you have started again to give me little and soft kisses.
We were wrapped in our passion, when were about to reach the peak of our pleasure and we had felt the little pulsations exploding in us at the same time.
When we have had felt the contractions no more, we were looked at us, one in another and we smiled ourselves.
Slowly and gently you was came out from me, making me bite my lips still one more time. You have looked at me and in a whisper you have said my name.
Around us was a peaceful sensation that little by little was entered in us, making us feel strange, as if we were floating, but we werent float.
After we have done love, everything seemed more beautiful. We could heard the birds sings around us and some strange kind of little white furry animals approached us. They were sweet with us. They wanted our attentions. With their behavior, they told us that they were love us.
When i touched one of them i whispered ‘They’re Markùt… the parallel world guardians, they came to salute us’.
How did i know whom they were and their name? I was became a witch few hours earlier and  i’ve assimilated also this in my transformation.
You have looked at me deeply, you have sighed. You have whispered my name.
We were in the place where we would wanted live forever, but unconciously we had know, wasnt possible. We had to return in our appartment.”



⇐“We had to

“You was still ⇒

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