From two

luke-10forteDays i feeling my vise in the stomach get bigger and bigger.
I feel our parallel world wants us inside of it. I feel your hands stretching toward me and you pulling me inside with you.
These sensations arounding me, and in someways, i feel, they reaching from you. Our minds are connecting in strong way.
The vise is more tangled than ever. Our little eletric shocks, are more present in these hours. I can feel your whisper my name from far. Each  time you pronouncing my name i have a thud in my heart, and you know it.
I can feel your embrace. Your arms wrapping me and everything i can do is, close my eyes and take a deep breathe.
My heart is going crazy.
You need me as i need of you. The only thing is, close the eyes and stretch our hands. Only in this way, we can touch ourselves despite our distance…
My vise in stomach  is about to explode.
Tell me you feel the same i feeling.


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