“We had to

murders_forteOnly overcome the rusty gate and we would we would make the first steps in our world.
We were looked at us one another. We had hold our hands tight one in another. Our heartds beated so hard and we could felt them. We were still breathless, but we had know if we didnt would make these steps, our breath would been always more short.
Was useless to find a reason, it was so, and we knew it.
We didnt realized that we werent still inside of our parallel world, but we were looking it trought a temporal window. And the reason we were breathless, was that we were in the middle of the NOTHING, and the rusty gate was became the borderline between our appartament and our parallel world, and that thin line that divided us from our world, was a line very dangerous. We would have understand it later. We looked at us deeply
, and with those glance we had done the first step that it would made us enter in our parallel world.
We entered in, as if we were entered in a water bubble and we were came out, entering in our parallel world.
We had realized, we had no shoes no more, and we were walking in a meadow arounded by trees as a little alleyway and then was opened itself in front of us the big valley that we had seeing from our appartement.
We were looking at us speechless, we didnt believed it. It was a wonder.
There was everything we had always wished. Silence, blue sky, little animals that ran arounded us, the big meadow where, in the past life, we meeting ourselves to stay in peace. We went there. We felt it, was an enchanted place.
Me, by now, a witch, i could  felt all the magical flows and now i understood because we went there. Me from the past, i’ve done a enchantment and this place was hided to the eyes of the other people, and we could stay here everytime we wanted.
Slowly you putted yourself in front of me, without say  nothing, but you have stared me.
Gently you have holded my hips, you have approached me to you. For a little seconds you have looked at me and right after you have started to give me little soft kisses.
Softly you have lay me down on the meadow and sweetly we have started to make love.”


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