It’s from

michealrWhen i was woke up myself that i feel you in an intimate way, close to me. I have already in my mind the continue of my tale.
In these hours, between what im feeling and my imagination, our parallel world is wide open and i see you inside of it, and my heart is beating like a crazy.
Our closesness is tangible in these hours. We only, us can feel it, we can feel our touches. I can feel your hands touching me softly and you know i could, also faint.
Your whispers around me and the only thing i can do is leaving me transport in our parallel only with your words.
Our minds are get connecting ourselves in such strong way, that i can hear your deep voice, despite our real distance.
Closing my eyes i feel you.
My hands are shaking on this keyboards. Our connection is strong, we can feel it.
I must take a deep breathe. I feel your embrace.
You’re here by my side.
I love you


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