When i see

insta17-01-2020This picture, isnt the the Bones & Skull glass i see. But the shack in background. Each time i see it, i have a thud in my heart. It’s incredible how your lastest pics/videos you did, they filmed that shack, and how each time i see it, im shocked myself. Cause  i been in that shack, despite never been in your house.
I rembember exactly each thing from that dream.
We were there.
You sang with your friends. I heard you, also sing, for real, time later, and you sing very well, and everything coincides perfectly, and if i think to all this, i can also drive crazy, you can bet it. And i asking myself if  everything this is part of our parallel world or not. I think yes. Everything is part of it, and we are realizing all this slowly, but it’s so.
Slowly we are approaching ourselves and it will arrive the time, without realizing that, we will collide ourselves, and at the end our glances will meet themselves and the only thing, we could do, will to smile whispering our names.


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