“You was” – ○171○

Still wrapping me with your embrace, but slowly you came behind me, and you made me see what was happening around.
ap56forteWhispering in my ear, you said: “That’s real the magic, that I’ve always looked for… and it comes from you”.
The big room was full of millions of colours floating, melting themselves with our lights, and we were the audience of this magic, and centre of all this.

You was embracing me: I felt your hands tightening me sweetly the belly.
I could not see you, but I knew, that you was staring at these colours, still more surprised of the words of your grandma.

Slowly I’ve turned around and i have placed my hand on your chest: my glance slowly met your eyes.

You was incredulous about which you was seeing, but I even.
After several minutes these colours were vanishing themselves very slowly.

After we having flight in the middle in that wonder, still embraced us one another, we still felt those light sensation in us, and slowly we settled ourselves on the sofa.

We didn’t take off our eyes one from another.
We still felt little tracks of the lightness inside of us, while we were in that cloud, and we didn’t wanted break this enchantment: we remained in silence.

We remained breathless for few seconds.
Right after, like a bomb that imploded, everything around us has vanishing becoming a world very little, then all in a sudden has disappeared in a sparkle.

We looked ourselves, for a moment: you still had wide eye open, I was looking at me around.

At end you have looked at me, and you said me: “If I’m dreaming please don’t wake me up. I was doing the most beautiful dream of my life.”
Sweetly you have approach your face to mine, and face to face, only in a whisper you said: “You are my magic”.

I remained breathless: all in a sudden you have kissed me sweetly.”


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