The sensations

smile0005moltiplicaAre coming and i feel that slowly you are arriving behind me and you almost lift me  from my chair, with your embrace. I smile and i close my eyes while you are turn me around. We get connecting ourselves one another fast. Our parallel world is inside of us. Despite we are so far, when it opens in front of us, we stretch our hands and we can touch ourselves, and our connection make always more strong.
Our feelings are like threads that crossing eachother and our bond each day is passing by is there, and we can feel it inside of us.
My vise in the stomach is getting bigger and bigger and i know, in someways, your are think of me.
You’re smiling to me, my heart can feel it and this emotions make me feel always more alive.
I close my eyes for a second. My fingers shaking on this keyboard. I feel your closeness, despite we are so far.
I feel you are close to me in these istants i writing in this open diary. I still feeling you, almost lift me from this chair with your embrace.
I must to close my eyes. I can feel you whisper my name.
My heart is exploding.



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