“Putting down” – ○170○


The notebook of your grandma on the little table and closing it, right after, you have looked at me then you have repeated me:
“I had totally forget her words: when I met my ex girlfriend, the words of my grandma had resounded often in my head.
Sure I had wonderful moments with her. But the words of my grandma have accompanied me in all the period of our relationship, but I never found that magic that she usually repeated me. I have tried to find it in her, but you know how it was ended. Then I was entered in that bar, and there, finally I met that really one.”
hen you finish say it, you have sighed, and our eyes dived themselves one in another.

Around us was exploded a multitude of colours and their little dust has sweetly covered us.
Looking at this, you have whispered: “This is magic…you, have the magic inside…. Just now i understand the fully meaning of what my grandma repeated me always.”

Our hearts were beating like crazy, and around us, it was unleashing a wonder of emotions were wrapping us, and we have left that they dragged us in their twirl.

We were surrounded by those feelings, like in a little white soft cloud: our emotions made us floating in the air very light.
Flying, you have enveloping me in your embrace and you have whispered: “This is real magic, and it come from you”, indicating what was happening around us.

Sweetly you have given me a kiss.”


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