“Me, a witch?” – ○169○

That was the thought the was pounding my head and I didn’t know what say or do.
I wrapped by these new emotions that slowly were entering in me, and the only thing that assured me, was look at you.
You have understood what was happening inside of me and in someway, you was feeling it, even you.
Something literally new, was entering in us at the same time.

sigaro14forteYou seemed calmer than me.
I was looking around me, and what I was seeing, was the same apartment but there was something that I still don’t was able to perceive what it was.

You got up. I had your hands in mine: whispering me, you said: “I come back soon. I want to read you something”
You went to take the notebook of your grandma from your desk and you came back.
You had leafing it a little, before find the page.
“It’s a hand note of my grandma. Before, when i was seeing you, it returned in my mind: it say like this: «Few people were been able to see this rare phenomenon: Two magical stones are involved. Perth and Thurizaz. Perth, and its mystery of regeneration. Thurizaz with its protection and the power. Nobody doesn’t know how it’s possible, but if you are witness of this phenomenon, you’re seeing the born of a white witch….”
You was about to continue the reading, but I’ve stopped you, putting my finger on your lips.
So, was it everything real?

“Every perceptions I had when I was child, were the first signals that one day I would became a witch, a real white witch, and those last one, were came from my past life, now that I met you once again.”
You was looking at me, and you have whispered: “Exactly, it’s what my grandma has wrote.”

You was so concentrated on me that you haven’t realized one thing that your grandma were repeated you always: you had a jolt.
“What’s up?” I said.
You have looked at me sweetly, and with your deep voice whispering, you have said me: “Just now I have understood what she was repeating me always, and i didn’t understand its meaning «when you will have meet her you will feel something, that it will wrap you. She will have the magic inside.
I had totally forget her words.”

It was useless to say, we remained speechless, and we were remained so, for a lot of time.”


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