In the darkness (18th open letter to Luke)

luke-10_contrariomoltiplicaOf this room, i have putted on our music and slowly i feeling you are coming and sweetly you whisper my name. I can feel it and i can feel your eyes that sweetly are set on me.
You are whispering sweet words. Just my heart can feel them. They are the most sweet words my heart had ever felt. It’s beating hard, and our connection getting itself more strong. I close my eyes and i can see our parallel world there, in  front of us.
I also, feel your embrace. You wrapping me tight, as if you dont want make me escape.
I whisper you ‘I dont ever escape from you’.
In you, i have found a world made of emotions, feelings that i never felt in my life, and you…  you’re the most beautiful person i ever met.
In your eyes i can see all your sweetness that i always looked for, and now you’re here, in front of me.
How could i escape from you? You mean much to me, and in your deep, you know it.
Our Parallel World is the place that we are building together and in which i want to stay when our minds are connected one another.
How much i feel you close to me in these istants…. too much.


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