“We given ourselves

lukerudy_moltiplicaStill little kisses, and our eyes didnt take off one from another. And what which we were feeling in those kisses were something more magical than usual. We were enchanted by what we had know, already. But every sensations and emotions was expanded itself  and every cells of our body could feel it. We were arounded by millions little particles, that we had know, were our emotions, but now we were living them from inside, and was the most strange thing we had ever felt. We smiled eachother. What which we were feeling was our own happiness to stay together in this world, that we were starting to know.
We settled ourselves on the edge of the bed, and we looked at us one another, slowly you have stand up. You have putted yourself the shirt which was falled on the floor, while i was looking at you still on the bed.
When you been ready, you have stretch your hand toward me and i have took it. I was about to take the t-shirt but you have take it first and sweetly you have helped me to put it on, at the end you have kissed me. My heart beated hard. You kindness it made me remind me when your hand had took mine the night i falled. And suddenly everything arounded us, has become of the color pink pastel mixed with the torquoise.
Your bedroom was become the most beautiful place we were ever been.
‘Are they the colors of our emotions?’ i have asked you, looking at in your eyes.
You have dont say nothing, but you was looking at me only.  You seemed breathless.
Slowly, you have took my hand and you have placed it in your chest. Your heart was beating hard. Seemed  was about to explode at any time.
I have took your hands, and in a whisper i have said you ‘Take a deep breathe’. We’ve done this at the same moment and in a little time, everything seemed was return to the normality.
We looked at one in another, as we never did before. You have hold my face in your hands and in a whisper you said me ‘Let’s see, what it waiting for ourselves, outside’, and together we went next to the stairs. There, you took me in arms and we came down.”


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“We went ⇒

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