dwdcatturaforteAt this hour you arrive, and sweetly you embrace me, and our parallel world open itself, and we entering in of it. How much i love your whispers from behind, while you are turning me round. Your eyes, are the only thing i want to see in these minutes that we are together.
They are very few minutes, but the most intenses and from that dream i’ve done, i really need of them. They are as the oxygen. Our connection is get more bigger and bigger, and we feel it around us. Without realizing, we are in Our Parallel World. You are embracing me sweetly. My emotions are there, and you can see them. You can feel them. I cant hold them back, and some tears falling from my face.  I smiling at you. ‘They are tears of full awarness of our connection’ i whisper you, holding your hands that are still wrapping me.
We looking at Our Parallel World at the same time, despite our real distance.
Inside, there, are our real emotions we feeling for eachother.


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