“We were

wl10fscuriStill wrapped by these new sensations and those lights were still turning around us.
Slowly you have put yourself on the edge of the bed and you looked at me for a second in silence, then you have said me ‘Everything this, is incredible’. And slowly you was approached yourself again toward to me and you caressed my face.
I knew what would be your next question. And without to wait for it, i have replied you. ‘What which we’ll do, it will be pojected in our world. That enough do what we had done til now. Go foward, following our emotions, our hearts and everything will goes fine.’
You was looking at me, as a child looks at the most beautiful thing in his life.
In my words you had found something that has calmed you.
I’ve continued to talk to you. ‘It’s been this world to make us meet ourselves again, and now we are in of it’ Saying these last words my voice has shaked a little.
I wasnt able to hide a little of my fear. After all, it was also, my first time.
But seemed that this my fear had helped you more than my words.
Slowly in, your face, was born a smile, a shy smile that made me see a new sparkle in your glance.  And in those moment i really needed.
We were been projected in a world that we were building in our minds, but now we were there, inside of it.
And just now, looking at it, we were realizing, that was the world in which, we wanted stay.  We had must to, only to learn to know it a little better not only trought our emotions and sensations.
This little awareness was growing inside of us fast. And more we were looking at one in another, the love we were feeling for eachother was growing always more and was filling our hearts of a love never felt before, and everything around us, was become more beautiful.
We looked at one another, we smiled ourselves. And everything seemed return, as if nothing was happened.
Slowly, i’ve approched myself to you and sweetly i have slided again my hand in your shirt…you have left me do, and sweetly you have lay me on the bed.
Once again.”




“We given ourselves ⇒

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