glowen0042forteYou’re embrace me. I feel your arms wrapping me softly. I close my eyes, while you turn me round and i feel your hand caressing my face. You whisper my name and i open the eyes and we are in front one another. Our Parallel World wrapping us inside of it, and slowly our sensations expand themselves. I tremble. I feel your arms wrap me. Your deep voice penetrate in me, and what which i would like to do is only stare at you, for then, approach myself and to kiss you slowly. But you, did first.
Our connection make us feel our lips leans themselves, one on another.
Our kisses are so sweet and delicate. Your hand caressing my face, and my hand hold tight your. I dont want that this moment fade.
I feel your whispers, i sigh.
We are loving ourselves trought Our Parallel World.
I feeling you. You feel me.


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