mikemcn_forteWe were still looking outside the window the multitude of colors that melt themselves one with another, you took my hand and whispering me, you have said me ‘Come with me..’.
Next to the stairs you took me in your arms and we went upstairs.
You have started to kiss me, still earlier to lay down me on the bed.
Slowly and sweetly you have started to take off my clothes.
Your hands were caressing my skin as if was the most precious thing you had between your hand. Our glances didnt take off one from another. My hand slided trought your shirt till i have
unbottoned it all and it slowly falled over your arms and kindly we dived ourselves in the most sweet act of love we have had til now.
Beyond our senses, was involved something else.
We were feeling our own scents and this made us going crazy literally. We knew, already, our own perfume, but this time was more intense, and seemed that we were entering in our deepest self. And it was so.
For an istants we have stopped ourselves.
We were arounded by this something that we had understand came from this new universe in which we were been projected.
A soft music was accompanying our love and our lights melt themselves one with another. Our sweet kisses were the part that i was loving more, but when you was entered in me, everything has changed.
Was been like, as if the heat of the sun, was explode in us.
But, when we had reached the orgasm, there, Our Parallel World with all its content inside, is exploded inside of us, and there we had understand that we were the real owners of  Our Parallel World.
And still with your hands, on mine, lifted over my head, we had realized that we were sorrounded by a wonderful game of lights that melt themselves with our own.
Our Parallel World was part of us and we were part of it. “


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